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Mick Dohertys' .net Tips and Tricks - Fun / Nothing
KEEP CALM AND BUY NOTHING Q: What do you buy for the person who has everything?
A: Nothing.

You may have heard that Anything is better than Nothing. Well unfortunately I am unable to offer Anything at this time and I don't believe that I will be in a position to offer Anything at any time soon, so for now and for the foreseeable future I am offering Nothing in it's place.

Nothing is available in two versions: Standard and Premium.

The Standard Nothing is available for download here and is completely free.

If you prefer the Premium version then click here to go to our secure website where you can make the purchase. Once payment has been confirmed, Nothing will be dispatched immediately.

To help you decide whether or not you should get Nothing from us, just read the customer comments below.

I ordered Nothing at 4:30 in the afternoon. I was absolutely delighted when just the following morning I awoke to find Nothing on my doorstep. I will definitely buy Nothing from this vendor again.


I put Nothing in my DVD player and watched Nothing all day. I then found that I could put Nothing in my CD player and listen to Nothing for hours.


A more versatile product I have never seen. I can watch Nothing, listen to Nothing, wear Nothing, play Nothing, and on top of all that, I am continually meeting people with whom I can do Nothing.

Sum Wun

I purchased Nothing from this site and was absolutely delighted with it. I told all my friends and family and they were all so pleased that they are all now buying Nothing on a regular basis.

My Mom

I found that if you eat Nothing you will even lose weight! This is one product that really works like nothing else!

Jim Hubbard

I upgraded to the latest version of Nothing and it really works just as expected!
Without all these annoying spywares and adwares you find in Anything nowadays!

Lloyd Dupont

Hi all, after visiting this site on numerous occasions I can honestly say Nothing suprises me on here anymore.
Even my bosses at work are joining in with the spirit of things, when I ask for a rise, they give me Nothing, great isn't it?

Al. Sutton.

It's only fair that I include negative feedback to help you make the right decision!

Nothing does have some flaws.
I tried donating Nothing to my favorite charity but they did not appreciate it as much as I did.

René H

If you find Nothing for sale on another site then please make sure not to download it. We only sell Nothing from this site and cannot guarantee the quality of Nothing as sold by others.