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Mick Dohertys' .net Tips and Tricks - Help / Faq
A very short list at the moment, but it may grow over time!
How do I add your dll to my toolbox?

  1. Right Click on the toolbox and select "Choose Items..." from the popup menu.
  2. Make sure the ".Net Framework Components" tab is selected and Browse to the dll.
  3. Select the dll and close the dialog.
  4. The relevant controls should now be in your toolbox ready to be used just like any other control.

How do I get your dll to work with Framework 4.0

In VS2010 Microsoft decided to default all WindowsForms projects to the .Net Framework 4 Client Profile. This isn't such a bad thing as all projects will now use the lighter framework where applicable, but unfortunately, this cut down version of the framework does not include System.Design.dll (or a few other very frequently used assemblies) and so the VS IDE fails to load a library which references one of these assemblies.

Fortunately, the fix is very simple, you just need to change your Target Assembly to the full .Net 4 Framework.

The MSDN Library has information on setting the Target Framework:

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