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Welcome to my website.

In 1994 I decided it was time I started to look at computers. I had no interest in computing at all before this time. Just because I had nothing better to do, I decided to build a computer. I bought a few magazines and decided on the components I should purchase. Within a few hours of the final components arriving I had built my first Pentium 100 computer. I installed Windows 95 and proceeded to play games on it. At the time several of the games I had purchased would not run in Windows, so I had to figure out how to get the cd-rom drive and soundcard to work in DOS. My younger brother (who now asks me how to do anything) showed me how to do this.

A few months later I found a Visual Basic 4 trial version on the cover CD of a magazine. I followed the instructions in the accompanying magazine article and completed a very simple calculator type program. I then proceeded to play around with the code and see what modifications I could make without help. I was hooked. I went out and bought VB4 Standard Edition and proceeded to teach myself programming. Since then I have built several computers and I now program in VB.Net and C#.

One day I was sitting around bored at home, and decided that I should do something with the free web space that my ISP gave me. I'm not really a creative person and couldn't think of anything to put on it. After a few hours of racking my brain I finally decided that I had nothing to put on the site and so that's exactly what I did. You will see the result of this on my Nothing page. So that's where this site started off.

I started to spend some time in the Microsoft Newsgroups and Forums and found myself repeating the same answers over and over again, and so decided that I may as well put these answers in a webpage on my site and just direct people to them. The most popular questions that I answered related to the TabControl which is why the section has more tips than any other. After placing the first few tips on my site, I decided to build TabControlEx. This started off as a simple OwnerDraw TabControl which allowed a Disabled Tab look when a tabpage was disabled. Since it's first appearance, the control has had a lot of modifications as a direct result of user requests. Building and modifying this control has taught me a lot about how the framework behaves and has caused me to have a few headaches along the way.

Hopefully, you will find something useful on this site. If you feel that there is something which should be included on the site, but isn't, then feel free to let me know. If I agree and I have time to implement it, then I will.